About SMI

SMI Industries Ltd.was formed in 1979. The company is located at Bholai Trace Chase Village Industrial Estate, Chaguanas and employs 80 persons. Since the birth of the company, SMI has constantly been setting new goals, surpassing them, and enjoying a steady growth in its hold of the market share. With a highly motivated staff and customer satisfaction-driven spirit, the business has expanded to service not only all parts of the country but also within the region.

SMI Industries specializes in the manufacture and fabrication of heavy and light sheet metal structures ranging from silos to truck bodies and accessories for these structures. We also have extended our services to include vehicular branding.


SMI Industries is a fabricator of heavy structural steel items and engineering components, and a manufacturer of auto body parts, canopies, truck trays, refrigerated bodies, beverage truck bodies, nipples, guttering, flashing and cladding to meet customers’ needs. SMI Industries pride our self as the #1 Truck Body manufacturers in the Caribbean with clients located in Trinidad & Tobago, Grenada, Barbados, Guyana, St Lucia, Curacao, Antigua, Aruba and Jamaica.


Through many years of experience, SMI Industries has grown to its present capability where it now offers a diverse range of products- from design to finish. Our fabrication and painting shop are fully equipped to meet customer needs. Our Production Department is well equipped with heavy duty machinery such as the Guillotines, Benders, Rollers and skilled operators who can provide you with high quality service.


Further, our main office and shops are located in the central area of Trinidad to serve the Industrial sector in Trinidad and Tobago and also the wider community both locally and regionally more effectively.


SMI Industries has an advantage over its competitors with the use of high performance machinery and equipment of the latest technology. Our well-trained staff of fabricators and coded welders adheres to the highest standards and safety procedures set in the industry.


Many customers that require for example, vehicles and chassis to be outfitted with bodies with special features to meet specific needs are successfully done without compromise to the vehicle manufacturer’s safety and qualified standards. SMI Industries is equipped to execute innovative solutions to solve customers’ problems when necessary.